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Hi Dr. Mike,

Let me tell you that I'm proud of myself. I placed my first two implants and it was simple since all your explanations. Wow... what amazing procedure. Thanks to you and ALMITECH I'm starting a new Age in my career.

Dr. Manuel Avakian

Caracas, Venezuela


When I received information about Almitech Implant System it appealed to me by advertised prices and protocol simplicity. I used an opportunity to take a course they conduct and I liked what this system can do. The price and quality of the components are outstanding. The system is designed in a way that all aspects of surgical and restorative procedures covered with the minimum inventory comparing with the other systems. The implant is self-tapping, self-condensing, easy to install with good initial stability. All the components are available for fast shipment. If I have to describe Almitech Implant System in two words it would be: simplicity and efficiency.

Dr Calin Cioban, D.M.D., PhD
Arad, Romania

 Dear Dr. Shulman,
Thank you so much for your excellent hands on course on Almitechs implant system. I maintain a midtown Manhattan dental practice and have been to many implant seminars. The presentation was excellent and the implant system is truly easy to use and very affordable.
I can't wait to get started and your offer of providing supervision took away any reservations that I had concerning my initial implant placement.

Thank you,
Dr. Lawrence Spindel
New York, NY

Dear Dr. Shulman:
I been successfully placing dental implants for 40 years, starting with Scialom pins, Linkow’ s blades (including full arch) and full arch subperiosteal frames.
I continued using blades over the years that root form implants were going through failures and re-inventions (I removed many root forms in my office that were placed by other dentists).
When I heard that your training course in a root form design implant had the imprimatur of Dr. Leonard Linkow, that was enough to convince me that there might be a root form implant in which I could have the same confidence that I had with blades.
This training was the turning point for me becoming a believer in root form implants (the Almitech’s design). The course you led was presented clearly on the step by step basis so that even a dentist with no implant experience could confidently place implants the next day in their own office. Not only that, but you graciously offered to have any class attendee bring an implant candidate into your office to have an implant place under your tutelage. This is the ultimate offer in personal training.

Thank you converting me to root form dental implants.
Robert Dubman, D.D.S.
Scotch Plains, NJ

Dear Dr. Shulman:

Thank you very much for your excellent lecture which is very precise and easy to understand, the hands-on training is very practical and easy to follow. Your course "Basics of Oral Implantology" gives me great confidence to start implant procedure in my practice.  As a former teaching faculty  in Operative Dentistry, I believe in that implant procedure provides the best treatment option, every dentist should have adequate knowledge in Implantology. It is a  great honor to have Dr. Leonard Linkow to stop by in your course. Congratulations for job well done!!!
By the way, I am surprised to learn that it is very affordable to start  placing implant with Almitech  implant  with starting kit only  $490.00, I would encourage everyone "Go For It"!!! Please extend my best wishes to Dr. Linkow, your family and staff.

Sincerely yours,
Stephen C. Hsu, Ph.D., D.M.D
Former Associate Professor
Temple Dental School.

"It was a great overall course; very detailed and instructional. I learned a lot and feel much more confident in doing implant cases."

Dr. Tatyana Lysenko
Mt. Laurel, NJ