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Models Features (Applies to all models)

Latch Type Chuck

All NSK handpieces offer superior durability against repeated autoclaving at 135 C.

Push Button Chuck

Super miniature head (Compare with the SGP head)

The minute head size provides increased
visibility in the oral cavity than has been
available. This permits a higher degree of
concentration on the surgical work itself.

256:1 Reducer
With Torque Limiter
For tapping
Speed Reducing Gear

1024:1 Reducer
With Torque Limiter
For tapping

Double water injection
Double water injection maximizes the cooling effect. Central water injection (injected from inside the bur) and external water injection ensure that water is reliably delivered to the treatment area. Both injection nozzles are fully autoclavable.

Clean Head System
The Patented NSK Clean Head System is built into the turbine head section. It comprises a non-retraction mechanism designed to prevent entry of oral fluids and other foreign substances into the turbine head. This effect is a consequence of the pressure change as the turbine stops spinning. Clean Head System will increase durability of the ball bearings since contaminants never enter the turbine.

Ultra Push Chuck(SGP)

The Ultra Push Chuck is NSK's original push button autochuck mechanism that firmly grips the bur during rotation. It allows one-touch bur insertion and removal. The triple grip bur lock mechanism is designed so that bur retention strength increases when high loads are applied to the bur.
  Torque Limiter (RTL)

If a fixed torque level (Eg 45 N・cm) is applied to the screw tap or screw implant, the handpiece switches to idle mode so that a power level higher than this value is not transmitted. Further, ossein can cause the torque to exceed 50 N・cm during screw-tap or screw-implant surgery, creating the risk of damage to either the screw tap or screw implant, or even to the reduction gear in the handpiece. Such occurrences necessitate an interruption of the surgical procedure. These handpieces, with a built-in torque limiter, have been designed to prevent such occurrences by only allowing torque up to a pre determined level.

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