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Almitech is an Endosteal Root-form (Cylindrical) Implant. The implant system consists of multiple components that are precision-machined and finished using grade-4 pure titanium and medical grade titanium alloy or stainless steel. Implants are for single-stage or two stage surgical procedures. The implant system is intended for surgical placement in the upper or lower jaw to provide a means for prosthetic attachment in single tooth restorations and in partially or fully edentulous spans with multiple single teeth, freestanding bridges and to retain overdentures by means of o-ring abutments or bar-attachments.

External Surface Design: Surface area of the implant’s external thread is maximized by optimizing ratio of the pitch and profile. Spherical tip and recessed self-tapping elements provide better possibilities for success in the perforation-prone situations. Resorbable media (RBM) blasting optimizes surface roughness for bone ingrowths. (Surface Treatment)

New implant design utilizes all the advantages of the full size internal 8° Morse taper that has proven years of dependable service and adds new features for improvement.